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Notebook computer with loud fan

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    I have a notebook computer, Averatec model number 6240, that is loud like a lawnmower. The fan has already been replaced three times (at no cost to me, under the store's maintenance agreement) and now it's doing it for the fourth time! Only a few months after the last repair, it's doing it again. I'm thinking ahead, after the maintenance agreement runs out, and this one part has been replaced several more times, I'll have to learn how to fix it myself. Are all notebook computer fans interchangable, or do they depend on the model? Can I get a more reliable but equivalent brand for this part? Does anyone have step-by-step instructions for taking a notebook computer apart and putting it back together again? Thanks for any advice.
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    Mine is (by my standards) fairly noisy. I found that you can use an air compressor with blowgun attachment to try and clean it out. Do you have pets? Hair can do that sort of thing. As far as replacing the fan, I'd look in catalogs like Mouser, or Tiger Direct, etc to try and find out if they are interchangeable.
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    With the notebooks that i've run into so far, the fan mounting points tend to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model. Most within a model series seem to interchange at least. Proprietary contraptions like this...


    The way laptops are constructed also varies quite a bit. Your best bet would be to find an instructional teardown for that specific model, as any instructions that i'd give you probably wouldn't apply.

    Here's a site I found with a quick search that has few different OEM fans...

    http://www.laptopfans.co.uk/companies/AVERATEC.htm [Broken]

    As for a good, quality aftermarket laptop fan, the market is very limited if not nill. I also just noticed that it's an Athlon64 motherboard. Those processors run pretty dang hot. What's probably happening to your laptop is that the fan is running full tilt most of the time, considerably shortening its own life. You might want to consider purchasing a cooling pad for it. It will take most of the heat load off the primary fan and allow it to throttle back to a proper speed. That or the OEM fans are just junk.
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    Simple! Just like any computer part that's not working well... Rip it out!
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