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Nuclear engineering grad school advice and future

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    I am from India and i have a bachelors in mechanical engineering. I have recently given my GRE and TOEFL with scores of 313/340 (161-quant & 152-verbal & 3.5-AWA) in gre & 110/120 in TOEFL. I am planning for MS and probably PHD in nuclear engineering. I am not interested in either hydraulics or computational work. I have an inclination for materials, reactor designs and fusion technology and even waste treatment and disposal. Also, i have a problem of color blindness and that has caused a lot of problem for me to get a job in India after my mechanical engineering. I was wondering if this is going to cause a problem for me in the future after getting an MS or PHD in US.
    Also here is a list of colleges that i am considering for further studies:-
    university of Michigan, ann arbor
    texas A&M, college station,
    university of california, Berkeley
    pennsylvania state university,
    georgia institute of technology,
    north carolina state
    university of wisconsin, madison
    outside USA:-
    ETH & EPFL, Switzerland

    PS- please suggest the best college for me out of these or any others through the points of knowledge and job guarantee after the course.
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    This is awesome. The website is very helpful. However, i recently heard that Wisconsin was good for hydraulics and plasma research and i'm not sure about its international students' intake.
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    North Carolina state has excellent faculty in Plasma physics/ fusion technology. Also they are expanding their nuclear materials faculty. I got my MS from there and they do cater to people from other disciplines; the even have a course for people with non-nuclear bachelors degree holders.
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    thanx for the reply. :approve: I would be applying to North Carolina state as i have a great interest in the fusion technology. Can comment on the placement cell of North Carolina state ?
    Are there any opportunities for International students to work in US after completing their MS in Nuclear engineering ?
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    Raleigh is a really nice smaller city with lots to do. It is also about 3 hours from the ocean and the mountains (in opposite directions) Duke energy has a presence in Raleigh and is headquartered in Charlotte (NC) so there are good job opportunities. Also GE has fuel fabrication in Wilmington (NC).
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    Thanx for the big help, bro.. :smile:.
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    Not many students do it. The few who I met who do it are funding themselves since there isn't much time to do research/TA between the two degrees. I'd recommend staying away from it and just go for Masters and/or PhD in Nuclear Engineering at UTK.

    Also, the scope of the industry in terms of jobs? Can you clarify that question?
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