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Nuclear engineering in canada

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    can someone help me to find a college in canada for nuclear engineering?
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    A friend of mine is a professor and teaches nucleaer engineering at the Polytechnic Montreal.

    The nuclear engineering program is hosted under the Department of Engineering Physics


    Dr. Gregory Greenman
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    Here's two in Ontario, McMaster in Hamilton and UOIT in Oshawa... which is in close proximity to 2 present nuclear plants and the 'new' build CANDU plant which by all rumour should be breaking ground soon... about 1 year ago.

    http://www.engineering.uoit.ca/undergraduate/nuclear/ [Broken]

    http://engphys.mcmaster.ca/research/areas/nuc.htm [Broken]
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    thank you.. thank you.. i am a A level student cambridge university.. and fluctuating between mechanical engineering and nuclear engineering as a future choice.. comments and advice and arguments will be welcome
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