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Nuclear Engineering_Undergraduate_Help !

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    Guys I need Help !
    I am about to enter Oregon State University in this fall for BSc in Nuclear Engineering,
    Please give me some advice about this university if you happen to know about it ?

    Anybody currently studying Nuclear Engineering, i would like you advice very much ?

    I am an international student.
    My future goal is to work on nuclear fusion. Would BSc in Nuclear Engineering be a better start than Physics or Engineering Physics ?
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    Here is OSU's undergrad NE program

    Nuclear Engineering Major (BS)

    This seems a pretty standard program for nuclear engineering as well as most engineering programs. One normally takes some basic mathematics, physics and chemistry courses.

    In the later years, I'd recommend some physics courses, particularly EM and nuclear physics.

    I have not yet looked through it, so I'll comment later.
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    First, thank you Astronuc,
    I have gone through the syllabus myself as well,
    I think i can study more physic or mathematics on summer term as well , can't I ? Apart from the regular academic year.
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    One might be able to study math/physics during the summer, IF the particular course is taught during the summer. Sometimes the advanced undergrad math and physics courses are only taught during the spring and fall semesters.

    I'd recommend checking with the mathematics and physics departments.

    Had I known better 25 years ago, I would have made more effort to get to know the math and physics departments better. I talk courses as needed, but I never discussed my goals with a prof. from math or physics.

    In addition to nuclear engineering, I took electrical and aerospace engineering, and materials science courses, so I had plenty of work to keep me occupied.
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    Hey Astronuc, where did you do your undergrad from? Are you working in a industry or in a university ?
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    Hey Astronuc , do you know about U of Toronto, i have applied there too, for Engineering Physics program; though i am not sure whether i will get into it ?
    Just a opinion, which one would be better , Nuclear Engineering at OSU or Engineering Physics at U of Toronto ?
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    Does anyone knows other student's Nuclear Engineering forums ?
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    I work in industry, but I know quite a few professors. I'll PM you with some more specific information.

    I know one of the former directors of the nuclear engineering program in UToronto, but he since retired. AFAIK, it's a good program, but I think it's mostly oriented toward CANDU technology.
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    CANDU is a canadian design of a nuclear reactor , as far as i know. Actually i have applied to
    U of Toronto -------------Engineering Physics
    McMaster University ------- Engineering Physics
    U of Alberta -------- Engineering Physics
    Queen's University -------- These four in Canada---- Engineering Physics

    OSU --- in the US -- Nuclear Engineering

    SO i am highly confused which one university to attend.

    I think U of Toronto doesn't have nuclear engineering at undergrad level, neither U of Alberta nor Queen's university
    However, McMaster Has. We can choose Nuclear Engineering and Energy Systems at fourth year to concentrate on( among 3 alternatives).

    Which one do you think would be better, McMaster's Engineering Physics or OSU's Nuclear Engineering ?
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