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Nuclear fusion/fission research question

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    Hi everyone, I hope this type of question is allowed on these forums.
    As part of my school curriculum, we are required to develop a research question in any field of science that we choose, and were given a reasonable length of time to do this. I, however, entered the school late and thus received help in this project later than the other students.
    Having chosen nuclear fusion and/or fission as my research topic, I am required to create a question - (E.g: How can (this) affect (that) process in nuclear (fission/fusion) to ultimately produce (more/safer) energy?)
    I am then required to answer such question in a 4000 word report.
    The report is due in a long time, however I must develop a question within two days, and write an 800 word justification, it is only thinking of a question with which I need help.
    I hope anyone has some ideas.

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    Try posting in Nuclear Engineering Forum if you don't get any useful responses.
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