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Number theory and nuclear physics

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    I am currently taking a course in number theory, and I stumbled upon a book on amazon which relates number theory to quantum and nuclear physics...

    Is this possible? In what areas and how? As previously mentioned I am taking a course on it so if anyone can give the specific mathematical details of what is exactly used from number theory it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Which book?
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    Number Theory and the Periodicity of Matter

    by Jan C.A. Boeyens and Demetrius C. Levendis

    Here's the link
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    This may seem radical, but maybe if you are interested in what the book says, you might read the book.

    I took a look at a few excerpts on Amazon, and to make an honest review, I'd have to (like I said) read the book, but it seems more a juxtaposition of the two concepts than explaining one in terms of the other.
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