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Numbers and systems a way of storing states of energy

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    i was looking at the number line and its various axis and thought, this is a system for storing states of energy. whereupon when we input figures we actually send a quantified amount of energy into the network and the energy is bounce around according to the resistance it meets within the system ie equations that reduce or amplify the original input. is this a fair analogy of the number system we use. i was comparing it to how a computer creates virtual memory states to process extended problems which require various comparative computations.
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    I cannot make heads or tails of this. I know what a number line is but I have no idea what "various axes" you are talking about. A number line is a set of numbers. Certainly you can a number to energy and, in that sense "store" it on the number line. I have no idea what you can mean, either mathematically or physically, by energy "bouncing around". As near as I can tell, everything you say reduces to "we can use numbers to keep track of energy". That's certainly true! We can use numbers to keep track of just about anything!
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