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Okay this one is proving hard to find on YouTube

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    I am trying to find video of a Stern Gerlach experiment under way, does anyone know of a website that would have something like this available?
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    The only thing that I could find some pictures of a SG apparatus.
    http://www.phywe.com/1396/Campus/Info-Center/University-Laboratory-Experiments/Stern-Gerlach-Experiment.htm [Broken]
    http://www.phywe.com/461/pid/3092/Stern-Gerlach-apparatus.htm [Broken]

    I guess a movie of the experiment under way would be as exciting as looking at those pictures. I would expect there isn't much interesting stuff to see until you get your data.
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    Well, it's not "under way," but I like this guys lecture on Stern-Gerlach. Enjoy.

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    Those are very good links, thanks!
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