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On Math-Atlas, where does regular Algebra fit in?

  1. Nov 13, 2012 #1
    On Math-Atlas, where does "regular" Algebra fit in?

    Where on the Math-Atlas does Algebra I and Algebra II fit? Should I assume "Algebra I and Algebra II" are essentially generalized, introductory courses that cover a subset of branches under the "Abstract Algebra" branch?

    I'm starting school this Spring and wanted to build a workbook generator to catch myself up to speed. The app will ask you to select a set of math branches* and problem types. I'd therefore like to show the visitor a list of Math branches to choose from.

    * Is a "branch" what different areas of mathematics are even called or is it "field"? I get conflicting results, even within the same articles. Knowing this is important to me, because the web app will be open-sourced and the less mistakes I have on it, the better :P
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    Re: On Math-Atlas, where does "regular" Algebra fit in?

    Do you mean elementary algebra? I've always thought of it as being a very gentle introduction to abstract algebra.

    I imagine that different people use both of those to mean the same thing.
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    Re: On Math-Atlas, where does "regular" Algebra fit in?

    I think so, maybe I can just call it elementary algebra. Even textbooks just call it "Algebra", which is pretty generalized.

    I googled around for elementary algebra, and the descriptions match what my textbooks cover so that's it! Thanks.
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