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On the boundry of choosing my major and school.

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    First let me start off that I'm not sure if this is the right section but will post anyhow.

    I'm a junior in HS with a GPA of 4.06 (took PreAp courses)
    I'm strong in math and sciences(Except for chemistry)
    I have taken Computer Science and Cisco ccna exploration as for my technologies credits.
    (found them interesting and challenging but not impossible )

    I'm interested In choosing a major in engeeniring or technologies, but want your opinion on which path I should take. I would love to have a major which I could beta high paying job.

    1.I have been looking at aeronautical/aerospace engeeniring as I'm inspired by aviation (as a little kid I was always starring at planes and wanting anything related to them,.( video games RC etc.)
    I have done some research and I am a bit scared of choosing this as a major, as their is not a big market for jobs.

    2.For my second choice for my major I would pick IT manager, I havent done much research about it, but I love anything to do with gadgets or technology. I'm pretty sure that getting a job will be easy as almost any business needs an IT guy.

    3.Finally my third choice will have to be electrical engeeniring, as my dad majored in it.
    I Have not done much research about this as I can easily ask my dad if I decide to go this route.

    4. Very unlikely but I sorta would love to go on the medical side.

    For schools I have been thinking of applying for UT, A&M but I need more recommendations.
    I really want to be accepted to UT but as I stand I am in the top 20% of my school, so it's very unlikely that I will be accepted. I have heard good and bad things about A&M and would love some feedback if A&M is good for any of the majors I might pick.

    Just to sum up my mess of words, I want to know which career I should pick in your opinion and a good school to apply to for that major. If you want to recommend me a certain major go ahead I'm open to ideas. Sorry if I'm not making much sense as I'm kinda frustrated over this topic.

    Thanks in advance.
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    What a scrub I was, anyways update in case anybody got here by google.

    Just an FYI I ended up choosing mechanical engineering as my major, 2 more years to go.
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    Thanks for the update! Where did you end up going?
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