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(?) on using external dvd cd rom

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    Got this external cd dvd drive made by dell the model is No. Pd01s.
    I would like to know how to hook it up because the end is not a regular usb end it lloks more like a double usb end.
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    One of the usbs provides power and the other is for data, so you just plug both of them into the computer.
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    It appears that connection is called a D Bay connection and it was used by Dell as a connection for external drives for their Laptops.

    So unless you have a Dell laptop with that connection or you can find an adapter (I tried but couldn't find one on google) you're out of luck.
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    See i learn this every day and its a first to learn what a D Bay connection is thanks for helping me :)
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    Not directly, as it has two SMB lines for drive control. I'd need to look up how those worked.

    However, it's almost certainly a standard optical drive with a custom controller circuit (interface), so you *should* be able to take the drive itself out of its casing, and fit it into a regular USB external case with a regular interface. The pinout diagram will enable you to identify which are the USBs on the drive end, by tracing them backwards.
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