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One electron two slit exeriment when one eletron is emited after 1 hour

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    If one eletron is emitted to two slit after 1 hour from the time when the last electon is
    emitted, the interference pattern will form on the screen?

    if one elector is emmited by one day, then same interferece pattern will show?

    How do you think of it?

    Is there such a exeriment?
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    Yes it is.
    Maybe not 1 per hour, but 1 per second or 10s (otherwise you'd have to wait weeks to collect enough events to get statistically significant results)

    Most of the modern "mysterious" interference experiments is done in the mode such, that next particle is emitted after the readout of the previous event is completed. So only one particle at time is involved. There is no reason to make a difference between 1s or 1hr span.

    And, of course, many experiments had been done such, that half of the events were collected one day, then all experimentalists went to pub, then slept for rest of the night, and switched the gear on in the next morning to collect more events, counting to the same pattern. Maybe even a weekend breaks occured ;)
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    Yep. In fact, if you had like a million different two-slit apparatus set up, then you could fire one electron at each apparatus, then count the positions of each electron on each screen to get the same interference pattern.
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