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One of the more disturbing crimes

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    I'm surprised this doesn't have a thread yet, but this is one of the more disturbing crimes I've ever heard of:
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    Wow thats pretty fu(ked up!
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    Reading this was like taking an entire stat mech course in 2 minutes, except you don't get anything out of it.

    "Why can't I go down to the cellar? What's in there!?"
    "Seven kids that have with our daughter. Oh sh**, I mean, not 7 kids."
    "Oh. Ok."

    The wife HAS TO be in on it.
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    Can't belive his wife didn't even know...wow.
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    So, like, where the kids in the cellar with her too?
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    I read this somewhere else earlier today. Pretty horrific! And I too found it REALLY hard to believe the wife knew nothing of it. How do you hide that there's someone living in your basement? It leaves me thinking the wife may have been abused as well and perhaps "beaten" into silence (literally or figuratively). How do you go 24 years without ever wandering into your own basement unless someone is threatening you not to go there?
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    Icky spiders? And those creepy moaning groaning ghost noises all hours of the day.


    I don't think I like this thread. What a nightmare.
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    I've read it earlier. I had a very bad day and this story just made it worse. I'm just shocked someone could do that.
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    What's more, the daughter was 18 when she was locked in. Did he report her being kidnapped? Ran away? Just went off on her own?
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    How do you explain needing and having food for 7 people in one house in a house that is supposed to be two. What about toilets flushing in the basement or other noises made by them. This is very disturbing and I can't see how she wouldn't be in on it!!!
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    A lot of it still doesn't make sense to me. Like this part...

    And this...

    So, were the children being cared for by the grandparents, or were they locked in the room with Elizabeth? Either there's a few holes or there's something I didn't pick up on.
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    There were 7 kids. Both could have occurred.
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    I first heard of this this morning, and just watched an update on CTV National. The man reported that his daughter had run away, and then dropped off her children as she had them with notes that she couldn't care for them.
    I have no doubt that the mother either knew or strongly suspected that something was amiss, but I also know that abused women eventually just quit asking questions. They either leave or die. This one seems to have been inadvertently rescued half-way through that process. I know what abusive husbands/fathers are capable of, so I can't fault the mother for not speaking up.
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    I gotcha. I thought there was only Elizabeth and her three kids. That would explain it.
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    7 kids, 1 died, apparently 3 with the grandparents and 3 in the basement.
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    From what I read yesterday, I think he forced her to write a "running away" letter, and then, I presume, gave this to the police.
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    I missed that she was 18 at the time.
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    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7373689.stm" [Broken]

    Up to 15 years? Am I the only one in shock? That SOB should be put in jail for life with no chance of parole.
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    No he should be killed by means of slow torture.
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    jim mcnamara

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    He's 74 I think. He won't live that long - not due to age either. Even the bad guys in jail won't tolerate this monkey being around for long. Like Dahmer and others who commit over-the-top crimes like this, he will end up as a "suicide" in prison. A "suicide" reported the same sense that the guy's wife is reporting she knew nothing.

    A criminal is frequently no equal to his deed: he makes it smaller and slanders it. (by his very existence - jmc)
    - F Nietzsche
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