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Here are a few websites that have online calculators: - powered by webMathematica: this site is very handy and will do algebra (factoring, simplify, partial fraction decomposition, expand), solve equations/inequalities (single or a system), plot equations/inequalities (single or a system), derivatives, definite or indefinite integrals, and do matrix arithmetic/inverses/determinants.

Suggestion: for those who post "Will someone please check this [problem/integral/derivative/calculation]..." or the like, cut and paste the above paragraph as a reply. - powered by the Mathematica engine: just what it seems, but it will only do indefinite integrals. - has these tools: Evaluate Function, Function Grapher, 3D Function Grapher. Very nice since the 3D Function Grapher allows for you to plot a 3D function and then cut and paste customized UBB code from the page into a forum post to embed the plot graphic you made into your post (see add). [Broken] - includes these categories of utilities/tools: Graphers, Regression Tools, Matrix and Linear Algebra Tools, Probability and Statistics Tools, Calculus Tools, Math of Finance Tools, and Miscellaneous.
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benorin said:
Suggestion: for those who post "Will someone please check this [problem/integral/derivative/calculation]..." or the like, cut and paste the above paragraph as a reply.

Good idea.
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Handy links ben. Thanks!
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An example

This post is an example of this I posted on

flava22 said:



Go to [Broken] for these kind of questions, click on "Differentiate" on the left-hand plane; for example, type (t^2+1+1/t)^2 into the field labeled "Differentiate" and t into the field labeled "with respect to" as shown here: [Broken]

and either press ENTER or click the differentiate button to get the result page shown here: [Broken]

you try the other one.
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This has certain limits. I tried [itex] \int \sqrt{\cos x}{}dx [/itex] and it returned "sorry, calc101 cannot do this integral. Please try another function".

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dextercioby said:
This has certain limits. I tried [itex] \int \sqrt{\cos x}{}dx [/itex] and it returned "sorry, calc101 cannot do this integral. Please try another function".


Use[/url] or [url][/URL] for integration ability, is for showing steps mostly.
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Here are a few free resources for graphing and calculating

Type in equations into google's box and it will give you a simple read out answer

Famous for giving detailed analysis of computations and facts.

Extensive list of simple javascript calculators for various specific tasks

"Plugin free" graphing calculators
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If all you are looking for is a basic online calculator I suggest taking a look at
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A mobile calculator/computational engine can be found at:

Besides the functionalities of a usual calculator, you can do graphing/matrices/algebra/calculus on it too.
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I have created two online calculators which (I hope :smile:) can prove useful:

Derivative Calculator (with steps)
It can do first, second, third derivative (symbolic) with respect to any variable and optionally simplify input and output. The input formula is being displayed as a LaTeX formula while typing, in order to minimize input mistakes (such as writing 1/a+b when you really mean 1/(a+b)). This calculator can show the calculation steps.

Integral Calculator (no steps feature yet)
Same user interface as the above one, but it can do antiderivatives and definite integrals (also some improper ones).
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Check out Meta Graphing Calculator --written in HTML5, does implicit equations and produces point table. Also can do matrix mathematics and stats calculations like T-tests and regressions.
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If anyone is interested in having a classic HP programmable calculator application, has an emulator program for the HP-41 series programmable calculators from the 1980s. There is a picture of the HP-41 keyboard with clickable keys and the LCD 1-line display.

The website also has copies of the program guides for various application packs and you can browse the old HP software library for these machines. The calculator app is programmable as the real deal was and runs any old HP-41 programs you might have laying around. You have access to the calculator memory for storing results and your programs can be read from/written to your hard drive.
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have a look at http:///

has more than 1500 formulas to calculate and allows for a full parametric solution of math/physics problems...
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At the time many website provides free calculator. For Example: Binary & Hexadecimal Calculator (Convert between binary, hex and decimal), Cube Root Calculator (reduces cube roots to simplest radical form), Bitwise Calculator, Completing The Square Calculator ,Distance Formula Calculator, Factor Calculator.

1. What is an online calculator list?

An online calculator list is a collection of different types of calculators that can be accessed and used online through a web browser. These calculators range from simple math calculations to more complex scientific and financial calculations.

2. How do I use an online calculator from the list?

Using an online calculator from the list is simple. You just need to open the calculator in your web browser, enter the required values or equations, and click on the calculate button to get the result. Some calculators may also have additional instructions or options for usage.

3. Are these online calculators accurate?

Yes, the online calculators included in the list are designed and tested to provide accurate results. However, it is important to note that the accuracy of the result also depends on the accuracy of the input values or equations provided by the user.

4. Can I use these online calculators for free?

Yes, most of the online calculators in the list are available for free usage. However, some calculators may have premium features or require a subscription for advanced usage. It is always recommended to check the terms of use before using the calculator.

5. Can I suggest a new calculator to be added to the list?

Yes, most online calculator lists have a suggestion or feedback section where users can suggest new calculators to be added to the list. You can also reach out to the developer or website owner to submit your suggestion.

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