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Online education degree - what do you think of it?

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    I'm thinking of attending college online but i have no idea where to start? Does any of you have experience with online distance learning? What should i expect? Is it any good or I should just go to a traditional college.
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    my gut has always said no, so I've never even bothered investigating the credibility.

    Then I wonder how many employers feel the same way I do and decided it wasn't worth the risk.
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    For your undergrad degree, I say go the traditional route.
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    I think it's fine to do undergraduate work online, but not all the credits. For example, I have a business diploma and I took an online course to help finish it.

    I wouldn't substitute all my real courses for online courses.

    I will most likely be getting a Bachelor's of Commerce degree from an online school, but that's after completing a B. Sc. and two years of business school. I only need a few courses to get the degree now.
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    Hi, I don't know what your schedule is or the reason behind why you want to study online and not go to a traditional college. One way you can know if it's any good is by looking at what other students taking online classes have experienced. By reading online college reviews written by other online students can help you decide.

    All the best.
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