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I Online sourses to learn chi square test of homogeneity

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    I want to study chi square test of homogeneity from any authentic source- book / website especially problems where samples are compared for more than one attribute.

    What are some relevant sources?

    Relevant background:

    I was studying examples from random online sources before I saw this book in which a second X2
    has been calculated and has been substracted from the principle X
    2 (the one we usually find). This is inconsistent to the examples I saw online. 6KZQc.png
    Infact we are being taught the latter process.
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    I checked your recommended Rice University video on Homogeneity. I also went through a number of other university websites (and videos) and all of them have solved homogeneity in the line of test of independence which appears very semantic to me. I was wondering if the process mentioned in my book (snip offs in OP) is wrong. I couldn't understand what was the need to subtract the usual X2 from the X2 obtained from adding the data points of a particular category (here yellow and green seeds) as the author has done.
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