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Optical dipole trap for bec

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    optical diple trap is used to trap spinor bec

    i have a question

    why are the three different atomic internal levels feel the same shift?

    To calculate the energy shift of a specific internal level, we need to find out the coupling between this level to higher levels. For different levels, this couling differs up tp a clebsch-gordon coeffecient. So generally different levels will feel different energy shifts.

    But in my impression, the three levels feel the same shift.
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    oh, i find some papers

    If the laser beam is linearly polarized, all the internal levels feel the same shift

    but if the laser beam is circularly polarized, they feel different shift

    see this paper below

    "Spin-Polarized Atoms in a Circularly Polarized Optical Dipole Trap" PRL 83 1311
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