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Optimum positioning of fan inside an enclosure

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    I am an electronics engineer and the only time I came across Fluid mechanics was in class 12.

    I have been stuck for a long time in the finalization of a product. The difficulty is that I need to design a heat-sink, place a fan over it and perform a thermo-fluid simulation of the system.

    The main problem is that I have no clue clue about the optimum placement of the fan. Hit an trial has resulted in stalling of flow or worse a complete reversal of flow at certain positions. Especially when the inlet or the outlet side of the fan has very less gap for air to enter. What should be the minimum clearance for a given fan geometry so that it does not stall? Is it an easy question, difficult only to non-mechanical engineers? Also there are other questions like... if I place a fan in one corner and make holes for air at the other corner of the enclosure, how much reduction in flow is to be expected?

    Please provide some references papers/books where I should be able to learn the basics of fans/propellers.

    Also is there a shortcut? I mean can thermo-fluid simulation softwares solve this problem with reasonable accuracy?

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    Could you give a rough diagram of the heat sink and your positioning of the fan?
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    God knows how to insert a photo from the computer!
    How to attach images?
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    While replying, there's an option in the bottom right corner that says 'upload file'
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