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Organization, filing systems, archiving and retrieving information

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    I'm trying to build myself a very robust and effective filing system so that I can process all the paperwork I generate and not lose it.

    This would include:

    - Course notes
    - Textbook notes
    - Generalized notes about subjects
    - Various subjects such as E&M, QM, etc, and also "hybrid" topics which may be hard to place
    - Test archive
    - Homework archive

    Basically I want to file everything effectively so I can retrieve it and review it and not lose it, and also so I can get junk papers out of the way quickly to work on something new. I'm looking for a system that would basically be a foundation for a life-long filing system.

    Currently I just use a filing cabinet with sections for different subjects that is very disorganized and poorly implemented. Most of the stuff I write gets lost or wrecked, or is buried so deep it's not worth it to even dig it out. I go through a LOT of paper.

    I'm wondering if anyone here has some kind of cool system that they'd like to share, or could refer me to a place that might have information on this kind of thing. I'm looking for something targetted at people in school specifically and working with academic disciplines.

    I'd really be interested to hear about how you guys all organize your paper, to get ideas. :) So please share!
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    I usually just stick everything in binders, one for each course. One for each lab section. I'm not that organized to an outside observer, but I know where everything is somehow. I have to start using notebooks for notes so they don't end up everywhere. As for homework... that ends up everywhere in between. haha wait, don't take any advice from me... :p
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    I'm doing pretty good with my organizing.

    I use to be crap, but now I can easily find everything.

    I was thinking of going further and having a file cabinet, etc..., but no need for that.

    I use, binders, separators for the binders, and file folders.
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    just make up a sytem plan ,and then do it........diffirent files, numbered pages and contents and index ,2 sets 1 away from ur work and 1 attached to it.
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