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Medical Oriented methods to curing/diagnosing diseases

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    Amazingly, there are still many places in my city where acupuncture and pulse feeling are still being performed to cure/diagnose patient's disease/symptoms. I have never let a "doctor" feel the pulse on my wrist, and I have no idea how its "ticks" will cough up an idea of the current bad weather I may be under.
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    What do you mean by "pulse feeling"? Are you talking about checking the radial pulse? Because this is an important vital sign to get and document. A change in pulse can be indicative of certain disease processes or non-homeostatic processes.

    Acupuncture is hooey though.
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    Oh thank you Bobze. Yes, it is the radial pulse I would like to ask. I pay attention to my own pulse that there is no difference at all even when I am sick or well. How can people get the data of pulse changes ?
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