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Physics Outdoor jobs with physics degree?

  1. Dec 25, 2012 #1
    I have a masters degree in physics. I specialized in semiconductors with the hope of getting into the photovoltaic industry because it really interests me. I worked as an intern for a year in and R&D department and liked getting to work in the lab.

    After that internship ended and I graduated, I started looking for full time work and landed a job as an engineer. I absolutely hate it. I'm at a computer for 8 hours straight just reading over reports, writing reports, and making sure things meet program requirements. It can occasionally be interesting, but not often.

    I've recently decided I want to do work outdoors. I'm really interested in the NOAA corp, which places you on a research boat. They require science degrees to work as an officer aboard the ships and it sounds very interesting, but it seeems that you have to be away from your family for long periods of time.

    Does anyone know of any other outdoor/adventure type of jobs that would work with a physics degree? The thought of working in an office for the next 35 years is terrifying. I love the outdoors and really feel like I need to do something exciting.

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    Geophysics/atmospheric physics might be interesting. You cannot avoid the computer, but measurements can be done outdoors.
    Alternative: Take a laptop and look for some nice place outdoors ;).
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    Check out exploration geophysics. Pays great if you work in oil and gas.
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    Second that. You will have the opportunity to visit countries where it's 'arab spring' all the time!
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