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Over the limit of figures?

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    Chris Hillman

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    Over the limit?

    Hi all, I made five figures for [post=1508549]this post[/post], but it seems I can only upload three? I hope that means, three at one time! If so, how long must I wait before uploading the others?

    [EDIT: experimentation suggests: no more than a few hours, if that]

    There is no net limit on how many figures I can upload to illustrate posts, is there?

    [EDIT: experimentation suggests: no]

    Is there any way that I can make thumbnails for the various attachments appear in the desired places? I tried to use the "img" tag, but this doesn't seem to be working yet. Is that because the attachments haven't yet been approved by a moderator?
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    The "img" tag isn't enabled in certain forums, I forget the reason why.

    And you are correct, there is a limit of three attachments per post.
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