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Overview of Radiation and Radiography

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    Introduction to Radiographic Testing


    Present State
    Future Direction

    Physics of Radiography
    Nature of Radiation
    Gamma Radiation
    Decay Rate
    -Carbon 14 Dating
    Inverse Square Law
    Interaction of Radiation and Matter
    Linear Attenuation Coefficient
    Half-Value Layer
    Sources of Attenuation
    -Compton Scattering
    Geometry Unsharpness
    Filters in Radiography
    Scatter/Radiation Control
    Radiation Safety

    Equipment & Materials
    X-ray Sources
    Radio Isotope Sources
    Radiographic Film
    Exposure Vaults

    Techniques & Calibrations
    Imaging Consideration
    Radiographic Density
    Film Characteristic Curves
    Exposure Calculations
    Controlling Quality
    Film Processing
    Viewing Radiographs
    Radiograph Interp - Welds
    Radiograph Interp - Castings

    Advanced Techniques
    Real-time Radiography
    Computed Tomography
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    I'm surprised to find a thread about industrial radiography on this physics forum! I'm in the industry as well and most people I've spoken to haven't heard of NDT. It's neat to come across information about it on here.
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