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Courses Oxford uni for a post-grad course?

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    I am currently doing my undergrad BSc physics at Heriot-watt. Am expecting 1st class overall, but I wonder if Oxford would consider giving me an offer to particle physics phd course. Especially, given the fact Heriot-watt does not do so well in particle physics. On their (Oxford uni) website they mention that you have to have considerable particle or nuclear physics content in your course but the physics course I am studying at Heriot-watt doesn't. But since I like the subject, I have knowledge of it. Plus, they mention I have to have FOUR years of undergrad studies. Guess that means they expect me to have done MSc as well? Dunno....any advise would be greatly appreciated. thnx
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    How long does a B.Sc. take at your institution? To my knowlegde most bachelor's programs are four years long.
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    takes three years here in the UK. In scotland it is four years, but if you have good A levels, you join at level 2 (year 2) and finish in three years.
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    Probably the best advice I can give you is to drop an email to the admission tutor/whoever's the most relevant person, and ask! You'll hopefully be able to get a feel for the place by talking to them, plus you'll find out what you want to know.
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