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Oxygen vacancies in the structure?

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    Please could someone explain to me what is meant by the follow sentence:

    "Intrinsic oxygen vacancies in the TiO2 structure might also play important roles as nucleation sites for cavitation."

    I understand the nucleation bit but what are "oxygen vacancies in the structure"?

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Sites in the crystal structure of TiO2 which are usually occupied by O but where an O atom (or ion) is missing.
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    Ahh I see many thanks! Yes that makes sense as very small crevices in impurities in a liquid is a source of nucleation of cavities when ultrasound is applied. Although im kind of suprised that this "hole" would be big enough for there to exist a macroscopic gap. Still slightly confused, but I think you are correct. Thanks again!
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    The vacancy weakens the bonding or cohesion at this site. So it might well be that it acts as a nucleation site, though it certainly isn't a macroscopic gap.
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