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B P violation in weak force & BSM

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    some inquiries

    1. Is it possible parity being violated by the weak force is because of further symmetry breaking of SU(2)xU(1) (besides the higgs field) ? Any papers about this?

    2. I read in wiki that that mirror matter can recover the symmetry. What else (beside mirror matter) could restore the symmetry as it doesn't make sense something could be violated in a perfect gauge symmetry.

    3. Lastly. If there were mirror matter.. Has anyone tried to tweak it so it can be used possible solution to the Hierarchy Problem... the mirror matter able to cancel some quantum contributions to avoid turning Higgs mass to planck mass? In the following:


    "• If you want to retain naturalness, then given that the LHC has indeed found
    a seemingly fundamental lightish Higgs, you are pushed to invoke some
    kind of heavy partners of SM particles to cancel the apparent quadratic
    sensitivity to the cut-off

    • Thus:
    • SUSY (partners have different spin, symmetry enforces cancellations)
    • Little Higgs (partners have same spin, symmetry enforces cancellations)
    • Lee-Wick SM (partners have same spin but are kinetic ghosts)"

    4. Could mirror matter be made into kinetic ghosts?
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    Vanadium 50

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    1. No. No.
    2. Nothing, this is an observed fact.
    3. No.
    4. No.

    You probably should learn the SM before speculating about beyond the SM.
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    Mirror matter is supposed to come from the 2nd group of the higher symmetry E8xE8 gauge group. What other symmetry groups can form mirror matter?
    Earlier I was thinking the mirror matter just formed without symmetry breaking from any higher group.. or just part of the SU(2)xU(1). I wonder if this latter is still possible. Any mirror matter experts (or semi experts) here? As review about E8 x E8. https://universe-review.ca/R15-18-string04.htm

    "As for the other half of the E8 X E8 gauge group, some physicists hypothesize that this gauge group corresponds to two universes, each belonging to the smaller symmetry pattern E8 by itself. Thus, in addition to our own universe, there is a new, hypothetical universe, a shadow world as it were. Other than the gravitational force, each E8 group describes its own universe, its own pattern of particles and forces. The elementary particles in one group are effectively invisible, or hidden, when viewed from the other group. This hypothesis could provide an explanation for dark matter, which is unseen but is responsible for holding astronomical objects together by gravitational force."
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