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OpenBSM is an open source implementation of Sun's Basic Security Module (BSM) Audit API and file format. BSM, which is a system used for auditing, describes a set of system call and library interfaces for managing audit records as well as a token stream file format that permits extensible and generalized audit trail processing.
OpenBSM includes system include files appropriate for inclusion in an operating system implementation of Audit, libbsm, an implementation of the BSM library interfaces for generating, parsing, and managing audit records, auditreduce and praudit, audit reduction and printing tools, API documentation, and sample /etc configuration files. Works in progress include extensions to the libbsm API to support easier audit trail analysis, including a pattern matching library.
OpenBSM is derived from the BSM audit implementation found in Apple's open source Darwin operating system, which upon request, Apple relicensed under a BSD licence to allow for integration into FreeBSD and other systems. The Darwin BSM implementation was created by McAfee Research under contract to Apple, and has since been extensively extended by the volunteer TrustedBSD team. OpenBSM is included in FreeBSD as of version 6.2 and later, and has been announced as a Mac OS X Snow Leopard feature.

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  1. DrChinese

    A Exploring Entanglement Swapping: Post-Selection vs. BSM?

    I am starting this thread to focus on a point discussed in a QP thread. The relevant experiment is referenced below, which is a very complex experiment intending to remove some of the "loopholes" in Bell tests. For this thread, those loopholes don't matter and we won't reference that element...
  2. Milsomonk

    A US Muon-g2 experiment - reading recommendations

    Hi folks, Hope everyone is keeping well. I've recently read the headlines of "strong evidence for new force of nature" pertaining to the Muon g-2 experiment. Interesting as I find the article in the BBC linked below: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/56643677 I'd love to read some...
  3. M

    I Constraints on BSM from EDM measurements

    Hello! I see that the experiments looking for electric dipole moment (EDM) of fundamental particles (especially for the electron) are able to place constraints on new BSM particles with masses of around 10 TeV or even more, in a model independent way i.e. we just need to measure a non-zero...
  4. AdamS

    A New BSM Theory: Investigating Claims

    http://sites.nd.edu/wtan/ take a look at the claims. and two published papers: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.physletb.2019.134921 https://link.aps.org/doi/10.1103/PhysRevD.100.063537
  5. S

    I Information Paradox in Black Holes and BSM

    If they could solve the information loss paradox in black hole https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_hole_information_paradox What other related problems it could solve in Beyond Standard Models or unsolved quantum questions, etc.? If the LHC could no longer detect new particles, could beyond...
  6. ohwilleke

    I BSM conference '17 notes

    This 54 page review article from a September 2017 conference in Portugal is a good starting point for people wanting an overall summary of the state of BSM physics theories that is reasonably up to date, and may suggest questions about specific theories that deserve more attention in this forum...
  7. ohwilleke

    I Muon g-2 as a constraint on new physics

    I. Background The magnetic moment of the muon, g, is predicted by the Standard Model, to be equal to 2 and a bit more, with the quantity that we look at being g-2. We have both experimental measurements and theoretical predictions that are close to each other to many significant digits, but...
  8. S

    B Unelegant, Unnatural, Ugly BSM theme books

    What other books are there akin to Peter Woit's "Not Even Wrong" or Lee Smolin's "The Trouble with Physics"? I just learned Sabine has a new book coming but it's more than 8 months from now.. I want to entertain myself reading books like them this weekend.. are there none written like Woit's or...
  9. ohwilleke

    I Triggers and Litmus Tests For BSM Physics Papers

    There are scores of new papers proposing or discussing new Beyond the Standard Model physics theories every week (at arXiv and elsewhere) and unless you have an infinite amount of time you can't read them all in depth. What "triggers and litmus tests" do you rely upon to identify, either papers...
  10. C

    I Are there new observables/operators in BSM?

    In beyond standard models like string theories with multidimensional and holographic objects or other quantum gravity theories or models. Are there additional observable in addition to the standard ones like position, spin, charge, momentum and the like? For example. Are there holographic (or...
  11. F

    B What is Quintessence and its role in understanding dark energy?

    In Beyond the Standard Model they propose so many extra things like.. * Branes * Superpartners * KK particles * Extra Dimension * Strings * TeV scale black hole * WiMPs * Warped Dimensions * Monopoles Most or all of the above hasn't even been detected. Did you notice most of the above are...
  12. C

    B P violation in weak force & BSM

    some inquiries 1. Is it possible parity being violated by the weak force is because of further symmetry breaking of SU(2)xU(1) (besides the higgs field) ? Any papers about this? 2. I read in wiki that that mirror matter can recover the symmetry. What else (beside mirror matter) could restore...
  13. ohad

    A Are there BSM which do not predict proton decay?

    Hi, To my knowledge about BSM (which is not much), all of them require or predict proton decay. Do you know of some of them which do not? Thanks, Ohad
  14. Ramtin123

    A PhD Project Ideas on Beyond Standard Model Physics

    Hi, I have just started a PhD on Beyond SM physics. I had a chat with my supervisor, and he told me to look around to find out what sort of topics interest me. Is there any good idea about a good PhD topic on BSM? I appreciate any ideas...
  15. andres0l1

    W_L-W_R Mixing in the Left-Right Symmetric Model

    Homework Statement The question is how to get the mass term for the W Gauge bosons within the Left Right Symmetric Model (LRSM). My main struggle is with the Left-Right Mixing part. So the LRSM has the gauge group $SU(2)_L\times SU(2)_R \times U(1)_{B-L}$ and with an additional discrete...
  16. ohwilleke

    Theory of Everything (TOE) Without a Grand Unified Theory (GUT)

    Normally, we think about a grand unified theory (GUT) that unifies the standard model forces and particles into an overarching unified framework, as a pre-requisite to a theory of everything (TOE) which adds quantum gravity to a GUT. But, developments of both beyond the Standard Model physics...
  17. M

    Towards a neo-minimal synthesis for BSM physics

    The standard model was created, not to conform to anyone's a-priori theoretical ideas, but just to match experiment. In the decades after that, we had the long march through unifying ideas that culminated in M-theory, and the creation of thousands of models of BSM physics, featuring...
  18. F

    Are foundational issues the same as BSM?

    I wonder if theories concerning the foundations of quantum mechanics, quantum field theories, and relativity are the same as Beyond the Standard Model concerns. Quantum Gravity is trying to find theories that encompass both QM and GR. So perhaps this is the same as trying to find an foundational...