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Pace and plan at which I can get into particle physics

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    Hi guys!
    Sorry for a really dumb question, but I want to study particle physics more in depth, since our university course didn't really satisfy me that much (and, when it comes to physics, I want to know everything I can get to). Can someone give me a general list of things I should know and work my knowledge from? Right now my education is going "wikipedia style" which is cool but really fragmented and, potentially, more damaging than beneficial.
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    Have you tried Griffiths- Introduction to elementary particles?
    Or Halzen & Martin- Quarks and Leptons?
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    Thank you so much for your swift responses!
    I didn't really looked into english literature (one of the downsides of being a student in eastern Europe, teachers don't recommend anything english at all and books on my native language are not that great) so I'll try to find those books and look through more websites.
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