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Page 87 of Introduction to Set Theory

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    Page 87 of "Introduction to Set Theory"

    Sorry, if this post doesn't fit into this forum, but i had no other choice.

    I got a electronic version of "Introduction to Set Theory" by "Karel Hrbacek" and "Thomas Jech". It is a magnificent book which opens up every window of understandings of fundamental mathematics.

    I was reading the book thoroughly until i completed page 86. The next page, page 87 is missing, it is replaced by page number 105. This page 87 is very important as it covers basic understanding of "Complete Linear Orderings". Can any body provide a scanned/else copy of this page?
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    Re: Page 87 of "Introduction to Set Theory"

    Where'd you get the book that it has a missing page?
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    Re: Page 87 of "Introduction to Set Theory"

    I can't remember the website. It is a .DJVU version. I was searching for a good book on set theory and landed up with it.
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