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Which textbooks are you currently working through?

  1. Jan 19, 2017 #1
    I mean more in a self-study sense than required reading for a course. Currently I'm working through 4 books,
    Calculus Vol 2 by Apostol
    Linear Algebra by Hoffman and Kunze
    Introduction to Set Theory by Karel Hrbacek and Thomas Jech
    Learning the Linux Command Line by William Shotts (I'm an Arch newbie).
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    I'm currently reading The Road to Reality,a complete guide to the law's of the universe by Roger Penrose.

    And I'm working on work given to me by Prof Robert Brown. Found his text books on Google, emailed him to see if he could give me any more so he emailed me a couple of gb's of work to do. Dude is a legend.
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    I recently finished Kernighan and Ritchie's "The C programming language" soon I'll try and finish some if not all exercises.
    It turns out the course on programming was even worse than I feared. The exercises (focused on implementing selected features of common libraries) in there really help to understand programming in my opinion.

    I'm doing a reread of Weinberg's Lectures of Quantum mechanics. This is framed in a comparison between Griffiths, Basdevant and Dalibard (winner so far) and some other QM books.
    In time I'll go through the problems, at first glance it seems like the ones in Basdevant and Dalibard are the most interesting.
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