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Palatini Formalism generalizes GR to include degenerate metric?

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    Some papers say that Palatini Formalism still works if the frame variables [tex]e^i_a[/tex]
    is not an isomorphism (from tangent bundle to frame bundle), this generalizes GR to include the cases of degenerate metric.

    But one could not derive the Einstein's Equation if [tex]e^i_a[/tex] is not an isomorphism!!
    Somebody please explain to me how it works?
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    Can you please tell me (us) first what are these "some papers"? Then after having been reading them, I shall try to understand and to answer. Thanks
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    For example,
    page 26

    and in Lectures on Non-perturbative Canonical Gravity, Abhay Ashtekar
    he mentioned a generalization to degenerate metric case.
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    I read them and begin to understand.
    But has anyone observed or proposed to observe spacetime of degenerate metric before?
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