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Particle/astro phycisist please answer if you live in uk

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    right guys im 13 years old,live in uk and im in year 9, my maths level is 7b and science is 7b so what do i need to get in a gcse's and a level's to be on my way to becomeing an astro/particle phycisist? oh and please tell me what subjects to choose in gcse's (i am going to pick triple science).
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    Triple science, maths (compulsory), ask your school about the further maths GCSE, if they hold it at your school you'll get taught some a level mathematics early (C1 and some of C2, as well as some others which i can't remember), this isn't needed but it helps for a level. Take whatever GCSE you want from there on, but try to stick to academic subjects (avoid BTEC if possible unless perhaps in engineering, avoid ICT also) and get A* for your mathematics and the further maths (looks really good when applying for a levels, though doesn't matter much after that).

    For a levels pick up maths, further maths and physics and a subject of your choice (perhaps chemistry?) , if your really keen you can take additional further maths, but it's not required at any university. Further maths itself is also not needed at most places but for oxbridge/imperial etc it is compulsory, if offered and it helps a lot (I only done further maths AS and I'm at a great university reading maths). Now at a levels try to get involved in the mathematics senior challenge (there is one at GCSE also, so may want to look into that), but then again this is NOT needed and will only strengthen your application. You can also take tests such as STEP I, II, III and these are not needed for straight physics programs at top institutes (oxbridge), but once again, it helps.

    I wouldn't stress too much right now as you're in year 9, but thats what you should do to get into top institutes.
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    Exactly what AskaQuestion said.

    To get into a good uni for Physics you need to get a minimum of AAB at A level including Physics and Maths. Further maths A level or Chemistry would be useful but not essential.

    There are usually no big GCSE requirements, but your 6th form will likely ask for at least B's in each subject you take to A level. You really want to be aiming for an A* in Maths and Physics as a comfortable minimum. In my Further Maths class this year, the vast majority had A* at GCSE. You want as many A/A*s as possible, because they'll never look bad!

    Concerning GCSE choices, once you've got the triple science, you probably need to choose some more options. It's good to have a language (and in fact required for some courses which incorporate study abroad). Pretty much everything else is optional, so just do a balance of what you enjoy and what you can get high marks in! View BTECs and other things that aren't GCSEs with suspicion since they are often not as valued as the GCSE alternative.

    I would definitely recommend further maths A level if you can do it. At my college, the classes are smaller (timetable reasons), faster paced (more able students) and taught by the most experienced/best teachers (because FM classes are supposedly more fun to teach).

    A lot of top 10 Physics Unis are now asking for A*AA at A level, so you want to aim for at least that.
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