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Courses Particle physics vs engineering (advice is much appreciated)

  1. Jan 12, 2017 #1
    Hello there,

    I have always loved physics and wanted to get a degree in physics, particularly particle physics. But my father told me that if i have a physics degree i wont be able to get a job easily so i should pick an engineering course instead. i looked through engineering types but i didn't find any type that actually excites me, but if i got an engineering degree in for example electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or even chemical engineering would i be able to work for a position in a particle physics field? also if i were to choose an engineering course, whats the closest engineering type to particle physics? or the field that would actually let me study particle physics but in engineering form?

    i enjoy knowing about the structure and the fundamental components of the atoms and the objects on a micro-scale, whether it is in physics or chemistry, and thats what motivated me to aim for a particle physics degree.
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    Study what "gets you up in the morning" and worry about the job later. We're not talking about studying ancient Mayan poetry. There are jobs in particle physics and related fields.
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