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I'm just beginning some volunteer research work on a project and I've been tasked with finding the partition function of a brain tumor that has magnetic nanoparticles injected into it. CT scans provide concentrations and distributions of the magnetic nanoparticles, but I'm quite lost on how to actually find the partition function!

It seems that my course work has only taught me how to find the partition function for simple systems and I don't really know where to start looking for techniques on finding the partition function for complex systems such as this.

If anyone has some insight or could lead me to some academic papers I could read to get started that would be great.

Thank you so much.


Do you mean partition coefficient (as in ratio of concentrations inside of the tumor and outside of the tumor)?
Hmm...maybe I jumped the gun. I'll back up a bit:

We have this tumor injected with magnetic nanoparticles (MNP) and will be heated up by an external alternating magnetic field. We have the concentration and distribution of the MNPs and we're looking for the temperature of the tumor. Now I'm assuming this is the temperature as a function of the alternating magnetic field but I don't have a ton of information and won't until Thursday. I just wanted to go in with some sense of a good approach.

I thought finding the partition function of the tumor+MNP system would allow me to then find any thermodynamic variable, including temperature. Thats why I thought the Partition Function would be good to find. But we also don't necessarily have a system in thermal equilibrium.

But then my question then comes to: how might I go about finding the temperature of this system?

Thanks again!

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