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Passing a VBA array to a C++ dll - Example Needed

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    Hi all,

    In the book "Financial Applications Using Excel add-in Development in C/C++" 2nd edition by Steve Dalton in Section 3.7.2 Passing arrays and ranges from Excel to VBA to C/C++ and in that section a description of how this can be done is given. No example of how to do this is given and he refers to an "example.dll" that isn't provided. This book is horrible written but seems to have all the information buried in it some where.

    Could any one provide a simple example of how to pass a 1-D array or vector from VBA to C++ then do a simple operation on the passed array values and then return the array values to VBA?

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    chiro, no I didn't come across that one. Thank. I will see if I can use that.
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    Yes, that methods works perfect. Sorry for the very slow response.
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