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Homework Help: Path of Light Through a Circular Raindrop

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    Path of Light Through a Circular (Spherical) Raindrop

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    I need to draw an accurate diagram of a light ray's path through a circular raindrop.
    -The angle of incidence is 25degrees.
    -The radius is 4.15cm
    -n of water is ~1.33
    -n of air is ~1.000293

    I can calculate the first angle of refraction, but I cannot calculate the angle at which the light ray reflects from the raindrop. It does not say how in my textbook :frown:. Where is the normal?

    2. Relevant equations

    Snell's Law

    3. The attempt at a solution


    angle of refraction:

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    Can somebody please help?:frown:
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    Is this right or completely wrong?
    (except with the arrows pointing the correct way)
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    This is a sphere, so the normal at any point is the line that passes through the point, through the center, and straight to the other side.
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    I'm going to guess this is the correct answer:

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    Looks right to me. Do they want you to calculate any of the distances in the figure, or is just getting the angles good enough?
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