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Patio furniture makeover

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    I only worked a half-day today, so I figured I'd do something outside since it was such a nice day. My wife has been wanting patio furniture with brighter colors for this summer season, so I went and picked up some outdoor paint+primer cans and did some painting! It'll be a nice surprise for when she gets home.

    Here is a before-and-after of the chairs I did:


    I also painted the white chairs you see in the background a Navy-ish Blue. It was a quick and cheap way to give our backyard a fresh look. New, colored chairs of a similar make and model run about $18 a piece, and I was able to paint the four we have for $15.

    Anyone else have any fun yard/patio projects going on for the summer?
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    Nice job!
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    In my experience, plastic chairs bend a bit in everyday use. Is the paint going to stick to the plastic as it bends, I wonder?
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    Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. If it was acrylic paint, that will take several weeks to cure maximally and even then might still have trouble bonding strongly to plastic.

    Ha! I have a timber deck. That's an endless "project". :cry:

    Natural-looking exterior timber is for idiots and masochists, imho. :grumpy:
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    The person working the paint counter at Lowe's directed me towards an outdoor paint he said works well on plastics, so we'll see I guess.
    Would love to see some pics if you got 'em. =]
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    In its current state, I'm too ashamed. :cry:

    Maybe when I (eventually) get around to restoring it to how it looked when I first contructed it. :blushing:
  8. May 10, 2016 #7
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