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PC Users What do you use to create FREE PDF files?

  1. Aug 21, 2009 #1
    How can I create a PDF file w/out buying anything?

    Why does adobe try to swindle you into buying something?

    It's cake on my Mac, but on my PC not so much.

    So what do you guys use?

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    You can use LaTeX typesetting programs to creat PDF's. They're free.
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    I use PrimoPDF.
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    Er... I think that would be a little cumbersome. Let's say I wanted to make a PDF of this screen right now. How would I do that?

    Downloading Now. I'll give this a whirl. Thanks :smile:
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    The company that invents software certainly has the right to sell that software.

    Anyone that attempts to post links to cracked or even remotely illegal software will be banned.
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    LaTeX and OpenOffice will make PDFs, both being free.
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    Not anymore :grumpy: Just read this:

    Nothing is ever free is it.
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    Settle down now. Nobody said they didn't have the right. Just think its a little silly when there is plenty of open source stuff out there.

    Hmmm. I will have to look into the OpenOffice thing.
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    Weird. That was in the install from the download at the PrimoPDF website? I hadn't seen that before. I've been happy with PrimoPDF, but it sounds like I will have to look into that...
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    A PDF document is meant to be a digital version of a printed static page; to create a PDF of this screen, you would have to specify a dpi/ppi so that a physical size could be calculated. The PDF is ideally meant to be identically printed on every machine, irrespective of fonts available, etc. Modern PDFs have added multimedia content and embedded notes.
    As such, what you want to do is install a virtual printer whose output is a PDF file. Bullzip offers freeware for this purpose.
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    PrimoPDF advertises itself as a PDF convertor which installs itself as a printer. "PrimoPDF does produce larger files than the original software, this program really just covers the basics of PDF publishing. If you want PDF encryption, linearization, or editing capabilities, you'll still have to shell out some dough".

    It's not really a PDF file, it just imitates it, but probably that's all you want.
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    Since last summer, PDF has been an open standard, which anyone is free to implement.

    (before that time they could still implement it, there just wasn't a standard to work from)
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    If you wanted to print this page to a pdf file you could, for instance, install the PDFcreator driver. The print menu from all of your Windows apps will then give you the option to print to a pdf file in addition to printing to hard copy.
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    Yes I missed that. I also missed Evo saying not to put links here. Not knowing anything about the legality of PDF creator I decided to remove the link :blushing:
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    Yeah. I started to run the executable and for some reason, for once, actually read the EULA.
  19. Aug 22, 2009 #18


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    I have used http://www.pdf995.com/" [Broken], it seems to work pretty well.
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    Adobe gave up the right to the PDF format a while ago, it was the only way to get the format accepted as an ISO standard; and even before that they allowed some other companies to implement the format.
    They obviously retain copyright for the software they sell (Acrobat etc) but the point is that there is plenty of free (or semi-free) software out there that allow you to create PDF documents, and none of it violates any copyrights.
  21. Sep 7, 2009 #20


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    Well, it's not free, but lots of us have Word 2007 anyway. It has an add-on for saving files as .pdf that works well. Word 2007 will cost about $100 (academic) I think.
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