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PCB Design / Fab / Assembly start up experience?

  1. May 26, 2012 #1
    Has anyone here have any experience on PCB Design / Fab / Assembly start up?
    May I know how did it to?
    What are the considerations?
    What are the challenges involved?
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    I am doing that same. But I thought you sent in the Gerber to get a quote and compare price!!! If you refer to having someone layout the pcb, then I have no answer. I do my own layout, I don't trust others doing the layout. For a lot of circuits particular high speed circuits, you better have someone close by to do the layout, so you can work with the person in every step.

    I have seen layout that shocked me....absolutely shocked me. People think layout is nothing, it is everything. That's where the war is won or lost.
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