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    PCB design and schematic for a half bridge power amplifier

    Hi, I am making a half bridge power amplifier that operates at 24 V. The bridge has to supply around 3A current to an inductive load (10mH) The bridge will be controlled using 20kHz PWM from a microcontroller. I have put a ACS712 current sensor in the load path to give feedaback to the...
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    Best PCB pad finish for repeated solder jobs?

    I'm designing a PCB with large exposed metallic pads for an experiment I'm running. The idea is I'll be able to solder directly and repeatedly onto the pads, so ideally the pads should be able to withstand multiple removals of solder. Any thoughts on whether ENIG or bare copper would be...
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    What are some best options for PCB design software?

    I need help in selecting best pcb design software out of kicad, eagle and altium. I have to design pcb for my project. But I am having confusion in these software.