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PCI express for board-to-board link.

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    I want to interface two processing boards with PCI express x8 and connect them with cables. I find 68-pin off-board connectors for x8 connection (by molex) where as there're 98 pins for edge connectors. How do I match these 98 to 68? Are there some documents talking about this? I read PCI Express Card Electromechanical Specification, but there's only edge connector definition inside. Is this 68-pin connector also standard?
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    Does Molex have any application notes for that connector?

    Beyond the electromechanical issues, how long are these cables? What is your plan for impedance control, terminations, and signal integrity?
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    Well, I see the pinout description on their website, for cable assemblies.

    Molex provides several selection for cable length. Impedance control is another problem for me. I can only find such information for edge connectors. It must have been defined in PCI Express External Cabling specification. I can only find a draft of it, in which several chapters are missing...
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    I am trying to do the exact same thing. How did this work out for you?
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