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People with recessive alleles have considered themselves dominant

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    Have you ever noticed that people with recessive alleles were considered (or considered themselves) superior. Throughout American history, people with light skin (recessive) were widely considered superior (which is not true of course). And during WW2, the Aryan Race (yellow hair, light skin) considered themselves superior. My question would be why people with recessive alleles are consider themselves superior. I think this is because they are a smaller group (over all, for example caucasians are a majority in the U.S.A. What do you think.
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    I don't think it's just people with recessive alleles...every group asserts that they are superior.
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    i see what you are saying, but the groups with recessive alleles are the ones who usually try to demonstrate their "superiority." i.e. nazis, caucasians in general, etc. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going after any individual person (except Hitler, Musilini, etc.) I myself am caucasian. But you think of conquerors throughout the ages, Napolean, Musilini, Hitler, King L0uis XIV, King Louis XVI. And most of the major wars throughout history have been for or against minorities. WWII, the Crusades, The Civil War, The French and Indian War, etc. My point is, although every race considers itself superior, those races with recessive alleles usually are more assertive.
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    You're only looking at caucasians. Do some research into Asian countries, or even African countries.

    Just to throw a couple of really famous warlords out there that conquered caucasians - Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan.
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    What do the words infidel and gentile imply to you? Just check out this page - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infidel

    All the superiority issues of the Abrahamic religions started in the Middle East.
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    Probably terms that would be applied to me. :biggrin: But I am a plain ordinary garden variety recalcitrant heathen. :tongue2:

    Tribal or clan superiority likely predates the Abrahamic religions. Looking outside of the Abrahamic religions one sees caste or class structures in other cultures. And the pre-Christian Greeks and Romans certainly exhibited superiority, as did the Han/Hun/Mongol . . . .

    The innovative thought is that one is neither inferior nor superior - one just is.

    Dispatch the ego.
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    evo is right...there were many groups or civilizations in Asia who regarded themselves as superior...not only mongols but also japanese people during the WW2 for instance
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    Totally in agreement. I think what we can get from the question is that people tend to find something that distinguishes themselves from others as a marker of superiority...and since they are ethnic, cultural, etc specific, they are often in the minority or recessive (when speaking of physical attributes).
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    I grew up meeting people from different backgrounds (cultures, relgions, languages) because my father worked briefly for the World Council of Churches. My parents entertained many people from around the world, and it was really cool when someone brought a favorite dish and dressed in clothes from their region.

    My parents (and my paternal grandfather) also provided with a world atlas and National Geographic magazine. I enjoyed very much learning about other peoples with different ideas and perspectives, and I cherish greatly the diversity of humanity.

    Now if some people would stop inflicting suffering on other poeple, I would be much happier. :frown:
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