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A Perception of time, gravitational waves.

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    Two stones being dropped into a calm body of water at different times and sizes. The smaller one drops first, sending ripples out. Progressing in time. The second larger stone drops later, creating its own gravitational ripple which is larger than the first. Can the perception of time be altered ( by pushing back the first weaker ripple by the stronger ripple ) creating an event of de ja vu? Premonition based in two conflicting gravitational ripples from Stella events? With that can there be regressive gravitational ripples? The stone is being removed from water? ( a black hole maybe?)
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    Nope, time just flows forward. You can change one observer's perception of the SPEED of the flow of time happening to another person but not forward/backward and the other person [really, everyone, everywhere, everywhen] always perceives his/her local time to be progressing at one second per second even though the other observer can see it differently depending on frames of reference.
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