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Homework Help: Period equation, T=I/f, what does I mean

  1. Feb 12, 2010 #1
    I am doing a home project for my Physical science concepts class. i need to find the period of a pendulum's swing. the prof. gave us the formula, T=I/f and tells us that T is the period, and f is the frequency of the swing, but doesnt say what I is. Does anyone know?
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    Welcome to Physics Forums :smile:

    "I" is really "1", i.e. the number one.

    T = 1/f​
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    Thank you. :-)
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    It's important to understand equations intuitively. T=1/f can be rewritten as f=1/T. 1/T is the number of periods that can fit within 1 second of time. By definition, that's the frequency.
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