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Pertinent content in Jackson's Classical Electrodynamics

  1. Oct 28, 2010 #1
    Hey all, just wondering if there is some consensus on which topics, covered in Jackson's Classical Electrodynamics (3rd ed), are the most relative to advanced studies in physics - e.g., quantum mechanics, the various field theories, relativity, symmetry and so on....

    I'm not looking to skip through any relevant material, just narrow down the scope of the task.

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    For QFT, some important things to be familiar with

    Green's functions
    gauge transformations
    plane waves
    conservation laws
    field strength tensor
    stress tensor
    Lagrangian for the EM field

    Jackson is pretty good on many topics, but the volume and detail of the book make it difficult to use for self-study. See some of the E&M book threads here for more books.
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