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Perturbation theory in qm self study

  1. Feb 11, 2015 #1
    i am currently self studying qm, and i am trying to plan ahead since i am relatively over with griffiths part1 (which is the theory part) and i was wondering if i should go ahead to part 2 (applications) or should i just keep this for later and attempt to stregnthen my basics in qm from another book like Shankar for example. So what do you recommend? Go ahead with applications, strengthen basics, or sth else of your recommendation? Thank you.
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    There is no best answer to that question. I would suggest going through the entire book once, before going deeper in any topic. I think you will learn more be knowing first a little about many aspects, and then move up in level for the next textbook, where you will encounter many of the topics again, but will get a better understanding because of your broader knowledge.
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