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Ph.D. in Computer Science in Germany

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I would like to pursue Ph.D. in Computer Science in Germany. I have completed my Master of Science in Computing from UK. I am finding it difficult to find the universities or the correct way.

Will you please help me?

try to find an american one. they are the best there is.
i'd try MIT, LU, anything in the north east of america.
Thank u for reply. I tried that. but most of them are not accepting the masters from UK. they r asking to reappear for the MS in US.

thats why I turned to german unoiversities.
Do u know any?
sory sir i live in america, so i have never really checked out german colleges (although i am learning to speak german [Deutch]).
Do u know any?
The course/credit requirements that you have satisfied may be non-standard in the American system. This is not unusual. My friend in an integrated masters (bs + ms, 5 year) program chose to join a US university's MS program after they refused to recognize his degree.

I think you should apply to those programs. Sometimes, when you're there, your MS requirements might get waived after you do a couple of courses or interact with professors and convince them that you already know the material. If you get waivers, your "MS" might be over even in a year sometimes, with continuing thesis work. It won't prolong your PhD by a huge amount, and I think its definitely worth exploring.

Good luck!
That is really a great idea. You people are really diverting my idea of doing my PhD in germany.
I will surely think of this.

But please somebody reply me about german universities, because the imigration would be simpler from UK in that case.

If you still want to go to get a German PhD:

Computer Science is called Informatik. Karlsruhe is probably most famous for computer science. Usually a research chair has its own homepage under the homepage of the Informatik Fakultät or Informatik Institut. Often www.informatik.uni-examplecity.de[/URL] is a good bet. And the there is often some research category on the homepage. Find some groups that you like and then I would recommend that you go on a little Germany tour. Visit the groups personally often there are unpublished research positions.
There are also the large research societies Max Planck Gesellschaft and Fraunhofer Gesellschaft. Those are very prestigious, but still the best way to proceed is talking to a Professor in person.

You can also look for open positions online.
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I would like to pursue Ph.D. in Computer Science in Germany. I have completed my Master of Science in Computing from UK. I am finding it difficult to find the universities or the correct way.

Will you please help me?

Hi, I accidentally came by your post and I only registered on this forum just to post an answer for you. First, as long as your performance on the UK Masters program is good, your application for a German PhD should be considered. Even some programs may allow you to do a semester to a year of preparatory courses if your Masters grades don't meet the exact requirements. Most institutions offering PhD in CS have introduced what is called 'structured programs' where you could complete the program in 3 yrs (they designed it in a way so you hit the road running). And these PhDs are taught completely in English (they are International programs although germans study in the same programs....you know because of the EU, german higher education institutions have been offering such programs especially from the Masters level up).

This is where you would get all the PhD in CS and related programs: http://www.daad.de/deutschland/studienangebote/international-programmes/07535.en.html [Broken] . Then select "Doctoral Programmes'; leave blank: "Search programmes for"; next select 'Mathematics, natural science' under "Select a field of Study"; then under "and a Subject," select 'Computer Science' and click "Show Programmes." It will give you about 38 listings. Each listing gives some description and information...and links directly to that program's web page (and the university's), where you can get more details. The details you'll get on the programs pages are clear enough for you to know what to do...but you are also encouraged to contact the assigned person(s) listed for any of the programs you may be interested in, they would give you all the info you need.

Additionally, you should go to the DAAD website (www.daad.de[/url]), under 'information for foreigners' ([url]http://www.daad.de/deutschland/index.en.html[/URL]) and read as much as you can from there. I hope this helps...wish you all the best!
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That is really a good information. This will definitely help me.

Thank you very much for your help.
you're welcome....
I would like to pursue Ph.D. in Computer Science in Germany. I have completed my Master of Science in Computing from Iran. I am finding it difficult to find the universities or the correct way. My subject is security in network .

Will you please help me?

Hi fariba805,

To your request, the best place to start looking for a PhD in IT Security in Germany is the Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt (CASED):
http://www.cased.de/en/about.html and http://www.cased.de/en.html .

They have a Graduate School specifically for training PhD students in IT Security (in English):
http://www.cased.de/en/further_education/graded/graded.html .

It is headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mira Mezini . You can find her Bio etc and even contact her by the email address on her page:
http://www.stg.tu-darmstadt.de/staff/mira_mezini/index.en.jsp .
Do contact the coordinator of the Graduate School, Eric Bodden at the email address on the School's page to assist you.

They even have some scholarships available for PhD work posted at
http://www.cased.de/en/further_education/graded/stipendien_all.html and

You may find the Research Groups at CASED at:

Since your interest is in Network Security, you may want to look at the Secure Mobile Networking Group at: http://www.seemoo.tu-darmstadt.de/home-vision/

CASED is a collaboration between the Technical University Darmstadt (TU Darmstadt), Fraunhofer Institute for Secure IT (Fraunhofer SIT) and Hochschule Darmstadt (University of Applied Sciences). It is based at TU Darmstadt, fed by the Computer Science and other related departments.

You can read about Fraunhofer SIT here: http://www.sit.fraunhofer.de/en/the-institute.html
and be free to contact the appropriate person from the Competency Group you are interested in, since they also have their own training program for PhDs which involve doing research work with them and being assigned an academic supervisor from a chosen university etc.

For your interest in Network Security, etc you may want to contact Dr. Jens Tölle (jens.toelle AT fkie.fraunhofer.de), at their Cyber Defence Lab:
http://www.fkie.fraunhofer.de/en.html [Broken] ;
http://www.fkie.fraunhofer.de/en/research-areas/cyber-defense.html [Broken]
The Lab do accept PhD candidates for training as described above and they typically work together with their local University: www.uni-bonn.de.

Well, this is already a lot of information. There are other sources, but try these first and I believe you will get a positive feedback. Be sure to let me know when you finally get a place for a PhD in IT Security with any of these leads. Wish you all the best.
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Your answer is very good and complete , I love Germany!
I wish to study PhD in Germany .
Thanks a lot.:!!)
My subject is “security and privacy in social network “precisely. I need list of universities and professors that work on this subject. I'm 23 years girl from Iran and don't have enough information about German universities. Your guidance will be useful for me.

Will you please help me?

Thanks for pervious guidance.:smile:
http://www.daad.de/deutschland/studienangebote/international-programmes/07535.en.html [Broken]

http://www.daad.de/deutschland/foerderung/stipendiendatenbank/00462.en.html [Broken]
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