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Engineering PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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    I have a master of science degree in photonics. I wanted to pursue a career in photonics related fields. My major interests are in nonlinear optics,laser physics,fiber optics and material science.

    I have received an offer for PhD in electrical engineering(micro-systems and photonics group) in the field of tunable diode laser spectroscopy for gas exhaust measurement.

    I am really in a fix because I am afraid a PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engg will derail me from the physics research track, and I will not be able to work in Physics later on.

    kindly advice me on this topic.

    PS: my supervisor is a Physicist from the univ of Manchester.
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    Lots of electrical engineers work in physics, more so in optics. OFS Labs in New Jersey hire mainly electrical engineers and physicists and their work overlaps heavily.

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    My idea so far is that electrical engineering is a subset of Physics, and at the higher level there is no well defined border between science and engineering;it is all interdisciplinary.
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