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Programs PhD in Mechanical Engineering vs Physics?

  1. Jan 24, 2013 #1
    Would a doctorate in mechanical engineering help at all? Would one be able to easily find a job as opposed to a doctorate in physics? In addition, which one would generally have the more favorable salary?

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    a phd in MechE is great for jobs, depending on what specialty within MechE you choose. there's alot of directions that have little to do with each other.
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    You sound like you'd be much better off just going into industry. For the vast majority of industry mechanical engineering jobs a PhD isn't much use.
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    If your PhD is part of a research project sponsored by a company, then both you and the company will get a few years to learn about each other, that might lead to a job offer.

    But there's no guarantee of that happening, and if it doesn't - what Shaun_W said.
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