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Photoinduced absorption spectroscopy

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    I'm trying to comprehend a paper I'm supposed to summarize
    this one:
    ---ok it won't let me post urls---- whatever

    My question, is what is the deal with photoinduced absorption spectroscopy? I gathered that it involves a "pump" (burst of light) striking the sample and then a "probe" (another burst of light) striking the sample after the probe in the next few pico/fempto seconds. Watching what comes out tells you something about how the electron structure changes with time. But what is (delta)OD? There are graphs with time on the x-axis and this (delta)OD on the y. Can anyone explain what I'm looking at?
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    what is the article reference (author/journal/volume/page)?
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    You should always post the exact reference to the paper, and I don't mean the url. If you don't know what that is, look at the references listed at the end of the paper you're reading and see how they are listed.

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